The Quillen School is a simple solution to an important problem: I want to learn and to teach, but I haven’t yet been able to find an institutional structure that will facilitate this to my standards. Serious adult learners want to learn for its own sake, but they need flexible and affordable options. The Quillen School is about connecting the right people with the right books so as to become better, happier people together. But how?

First: I’ll be preparing high-level courses managed through the Quillen School Dashboard. From here, you will can easily create profiles, interact with one another, and complete quizzes, tests, and essay assignments.

A Sample View of the Quillen School Dashboard


You can work at your own pace while still getting feedback on assignments, and, if you choose, you can also drop-in for live virtual “office hours” to enhance your learning with discussion.

Lessons will be in the form of pre-recorded video of the highest quality. Exercises and readings are grouped with the lessons themselves, and the lessons and accompanying assignments are clearly sequenced so as to remove any ambiguity.

A Sample View of a Quillen School Video Lesson

All courses will be produced to the highest of standards about topics that I find interesting and deem to be important. As such they might be developed more slowly than you would prefer. Luckily, there’s another option.

Second: You will eventually want to learn things about which I haven’t yet made a course, or perhaps you’ll want a course designed specifically for you. I’ll be offering affordable private tutoring to meet your needs. These courses will be conducted synchronously via Google Meet. With affordable rates and group discounts, this is a great option for individuals with very specific intellectual interests or for friends that want a seminar-style learning environment. But act fast – private tutoring availability is limited. Learn more here.

As the Quillen School evolves, offerings will surely shift as well. I look forward to hearing from you about how better to learn and to grow together.