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Private Tutoring

Regular courses for the Quillen School will be posted here, though I’ll happily consider requests for private or small-group tutoring on a much broader range of topics. Contact me explaining what you have in mind for you or your group, and then we will schedule a meeting to discuss the details.

I have experience private tutoring students with ages ranging from 13 to 60. My main teaching interests right now are in Ancient Greek, political philosophy, and American constitutional theory and interpretation, with students 17 years-old and above.

The individual tutoring fee is $45 per one-hour session or $30 per half-hour session. Students who purchase ten one-hour sessions in advance will receive a $50 discount.

Group tutoring sessions must be purchased in 10-session increments. Each student in a group session will receive a $50 discount.

Tutoring arrangements which require atypical amounts of preparation may be subjected to an up-charge at my discretion. I reserve the right to reject tutoring arrangements or students, with or without explanation.

Email me at or send a message below.

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